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Work out your Corporate medical program with us.

We offer packages that include a full range of medical services on in-patient and out-patient basis (planned and emergency visits) as well as additional service like first aid kits, administrative support, programs of medical training for personnel, etc. It is our pleasure to cooperate with your Company directly or though your insurance providers.

Affiliated Insurance Companies


Dr. Atef Rizk Clinic serves as the main health provider for patients and clients with medical insurance cards from the following local and international prestigious insurance partners:


American Life Insurance (ALICO)

Allianz Insurance
Cumberland Insurance & Re-insurance
International SOS
Care Card (Jordan)
AXA Insurance Co.
SAICO Insurance Co. (Saudi Arabia)
NAS Insurance Company
Al Khaleej Insurance Co.

OMV (Austria)

Arab Orient Insurance Co.

Tata Insurance Co. (India)
Qatar General Insurance & Re-insurance
Al Takaful Insurance Co. (Bahrain)
Vanbreda International (Denmark)
Seven Corners (USA)
INAYAA Insurance Co. (Dubai)


AVITA Insurance Co. (Dubai)

Qatar Insurance Company (QIC)

MedNet Insurance Co. (Bahrain)

MedNet Insurance Co. (Dubai)
ACE Insurance Co. (Dubai)
Inter Global Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Fatima Health Care
Globe Med (Qatar)

Daman Health Insurance (Qatar)

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